Don’t lie; we all know you’ve spent more than one lunch break trolling through the Instagram feed looking at glossy models internally whining, “Why can’t I look like THAT?”

We’ve ALL been there.

Whether we want to admit it out loud is another story ;).

Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Comparison is the thief of joy.”

Well ain’t that the damn truth!

Women come to me every day for coaching because they’re over feeling like crap and quite frankly are sick of comparing themselves to others. They are done listening to the voice in their head that tells them they’re not good enough or that IF they looked a certain way everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) in life would change. They want to put themselves first, and finally not feel selfish about it.


Whatever it means for you to feel beautiful—at any size, in any outfit, on EVERY day, let’s make it happen for you.

Let’s celebrate your every victory—big or small. Let’s create a community of pom-pom gals who pick each other up—not beat each other down.

I hope through this site that you gain a whole new outlook on life—that you will be able to find the beauty, even through the messy shit. I’m here to empower you, help you find security in your skin, put yourself on the pedestal you have probably always placed others, to make you feel less … alone.

So blow some confetti in the air, pull your favorite black dress out of the depths of your closet, go for a long run, wear sweats + watch Netflix, buy the bag you’re coveting, go topless to work :D—do you, babe!



When I read the testimonials below, they still make my eyes well up.  These cheerleaders are the reason I get to do my life’s work, and frankly, many of them NEVER thought they could feel the way they do now.

I’d adore nothing more than for you to feel the same + join our beautiful pep squad.

I cannot wait to meet your sexy little self.

Love your biggest cheerleader,


Here’s what the squad is saying.
Forewarning, you may need tissues



From the moment I met Marla, I knew there was something special about her.
She is radiant

“From the moment I met Marla I knew there was something special about her. She is radiant! She explodes with energy, happiness, and beauty. I am so happy to be able to collaborate with her and our wellness team! Marla knows how to make us all feel better when we are having a not so great day.

She reminds us all to love ourselves through good days and bad. Having a "body cheerleader" as a friend is a true treasure!

Marla has also helped motivate me to exercise more! She is consistently showing a healthy balance between having fun while maintaining a healthy diet along with exercise.

What a marvelous role model!”


Without Marla, I would still be that woman in the mirror hating how she looked in every outfit

“It wasn't really until my late 20s where I started to struggle with my body image and the concept of looking ‘perfect’. I continued this internal battle with myself until one day I said, enough is enough. I've been best friends with Marla for 8 plus years and knew what she was doing with her lifestyle is what I wanted and needed to be doing. I had been watching her for months thinking to myself, I don't think this is something I can do—it’s too hard.

Well, from the moment I started to take my health and wellness more seriously, Marla has been right by my side. My biggest cheerleader.

Always telling me to keep at it and to never give up.  She has help me set goals and develop plans to work with my busy schedule. Without her, I would still be that women in the mirror hating how she looked in every outfit—too embarrassed to wear those shorts or that dress.

Her words of support and encouragement have truly changed my view on a health lifestyle and for that, I am forever grateful for her."


I am developing habits that extend far past where any “crash diet”
has ever brought me

“Marla has a such refreshing, genuinely positive attitude. Be on the receiving end of it, and I dare you not to feel motivated to be your healthiest, best self. 

In a world that is too often focused solely on the number on the scale, Marla has helped me to establish better habits that are sustainable for the long term, and to develop a better attitude about and approach to losing weight.

Her knowledge and guidance have been invaluable in terms of helping me to stay focused on the bigger picture of my health and wellness, and in developing a clear plan to get there and stay there.

It’s not all about looking better—probably the most important thing is FEELING better and feeling confident, and with Marla’s coaching I am, for the first time in a while, feeling fantastic.

I am developing habits that extend far past where any "crash diet” has ever brought me and am so thankful that I have her sharing her knowledge, experience, and just general positive thoughts with me. I am so excited for the future!”


Pretty much, I wanted to glow like Marla glows

"When I first reached out to Marla inquiring about her nutritional program, I was a little nervous. I know a lot of nutritional programs can be really strict and intense and I was hoping hers wasn't the same. Marla answered every text, message, inbox, whatever it may be with the sweetest and most informative answers ever. There was no pressure, and she is always so positive and upbeat.

Pretty much, I wanted to glow like Marla glows!

She is so inspiring inside and out and even when I have my "cheats" here and there, she never is judgmental or negative. She gets it! It's a lifestyle change, not a crash diet and she's welcomed me with open arms every step of the way. Her positive aura makes me feel like I can accomplish anything I set my mind to!

Thank you for being such an inspiration and for showing me the power of healthy living, Marla."


Marla is a great person to have on your side and I wish her all the greatest success in the world … since I owe her so much of my own.

"I stated working with Marla in the summer of 2015.  Since then, I have never felt better in my own skin.  Besides how amazing I feel, Marla really has been with me every step of the journey.

She checks on me constantly, sends me reminders if I am behind on anything and most importantly she is always encouraging me to be my best self.  I see how she is with other people too, and there is never a shortage of positivity or support from her.  I recommend Marla to anyone on a mission to make themselves better.

She is a great person to have on your side and I wish her all the greatest successes in the world, since I owe her so much of my own."


Editor of

I have spent the majority of my life battling my scale, my mirror, and most importantly my mind

"Like most women, I have spent the majority of my life battling my scale, my mirror and most importantly my mind. I have lived with the unrealistic expectation, the fairy tale of weight loss that my problems will melt away with the pounds. I have hated myself thin for as long as I can remember.  I have been on a diet since I was 9 years old.  I have cycled through every phase of disordered eating. I have 6 different sizes of jeans in my closet because my weight has fluctuated that much.

My entire life has been spent picking my new weight loss deadline, losing the weight and then gaining it back as the deadline passes. When I got engaged in 2012, I was so sick and tired of being on a diet and still hating myself. It was exhausting and I didn't want to bring this part of me into my marriage or pass it along to any children I planned to have. I started therapy. I learned that I was an emotional eater. I slowly began to see that days or weeks of being completely off the wagon with food could always be traced back to something going on in my life at that time.

I learned that my yo-yo dieting was not the problem, it was the symptom. That was hard to accept because nobody wants to be an emotional eater. It feels embarrassing to be labeled as such.

I knew I felt embarrassed by this flaw. But now, it's something I love about myself.

I still struggle everyday. And at times when my emotions are hard to control, I will put on a few pounds in a matter of weeks. But I know when that happens I am able to put a stop before things get out of control. I also know I shouldn't be on a crash diet or starve myself as punishment. But for someone with my past, the lines can be very blurred when it comes to needing to lose a couple pounds. My instincts are to hate myself thin and revert back to old ways. I know I always need to have a healthy mind first and foremost.

My future sister in law first began with Marla as her coach. I was still hesitant. Then one afternoon I spoke to Marla about starting her nutrition program. She was so supportive, not pushy and she really made me feel like it was my choice to begin the program and knew she would support me either way I choose to begin. She was available to answer all my questions. She calmed my fears. She checked in on me. Knowing I had her support is what got me through my cleanse days.

The minute you meet Marla you know that she wants you to feel good on the inside so you will see results on the outside."


If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be able to look at myself in the mirror every morning and be happy with what I see.

"Marla and I go way back. She’s one of the sweetest, most genuine people I have ever met. Whenever I’m around her I can’t help but feed off the positive energy she gives off. She is a strong, independent woman, who enjoys helping other women feel good about themselves. What’s better than that? She inspires me to be the best version of myself, and if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be able to look at myself in the mirror every morning and be happy with what I see.

I always associated my weight with being happy. It's been a constant struggle for me my whole life. With Marla’s program, I've learned to accept myself for who I am, and enjoy life without feeling guilty. Life is too short to be unhappy, and to constantly be worrying about your weight. I’ve shed 28 pounds but more importantly I can now say I've never felt better. It isn’t a diet, it's a lifestyle, and the results are real. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it and your body will thank you later.

None of this would have been possible without Marla’s constant support and guidance. Love ya boss lady!"


Mommy of 3 + Health Guru

I spent my childhood to younger adult years, wishing I could be a thinner version of myself.

I have struggled with weight for as long as I can remember. Food was a "Drug". Food was for good times and bad, sad, happy, stressed, celebrating … it was for comfort. I spent my childhood to young adult years, wishing I could be a thinner version of myself, feeling trapped in a fat suit.

Years of yo-yo "dieting", binge eating, practically starving myself, any desperate attempt to lose weight and keep it off, being told by doctors, that the odds are against me with having PCOS and a thyroid condition, combined with genetics.

Finally, as I approach 40, I have found a nutrition program that actually works for me, not a quick fix, but rather a lifestyle of eating healthier and learning how to eat to live and not living to eat.

"Through my journey with health and wellness, I have had the pleasure of meeting Marla. She's had such an influence on my mind and body transformation; learning through this process, that it's not about the skinny, it's about being healthy, living and enjoying life, practicing balance, being immune to self criticism and being positive.

Marla has an innate ability to help others see their true self worth. Her authentic way of cheering us all on has been a great source of encouragement! Her vision, drive and passion has been so motivating and inspiring!"


You made me realize that I am truly beautiful, regardless of what the scale may say

"My personal journey towards weight loss started a few years ago. I have always been insecure about my body/weight but it was hard for me to express to anyone what my weakness was … I almost felt like a failure for having to ask for help on how to work out, how to eat well, and how to live a healthier life. In my head—shouldn’t that come naturally to people and why was I the only one who “couldn’t figure it out?” 

Opening up to Marla about my struggles was the best thing I could have done.  Her constant support, motivating messages, and uplifting energy has made me realize that I am not alone in this journey.
One example that I will never forget was during a shopping trip alone at the grocery store.  I was committed to buying primarily in the healthy section but immediately felt lost and as if I didn’t belong! I looked at other shoppers who has such a sense of confidence, yet I was there… twiddling my thumbs while googling ‘what do I buy in the healthy food section?’ I circled the aisles about 15 times, unsure where to start, but after a simple text to Marla she immediate called me and spent almost an hour on the phone with me explaining what everything was, what healthy substitutions I could make to my current meals, and also some great/delicious suggestions too!

What originally started as a terrifying experience, turned completely positive and motivated me to research fun and healthy recipes! I felt so happy (and relieved) that she took the time to truly help me! This is just one of the many wonderful things that Marla will do with her clients—make sure you have the keys to success.

Overall, through my highs and lows, she has truly been my personal cheerleader, guiding me along the way, and helping pick me back up if I feel like I had a setback.  ‘Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime.’ Thank you for teaching me how to fish, Marla.

You made me realize that I am truly beautiful regardless what the scale may say!"


I will never go back to my old mindset! EVER

"I started with nutritional cleansing at a time in my life where everything was falling apart for me. I was overweight, a lethargic mom, had poor self esteem, and my marriage was crumbling. I started with with tunnel vision to lose weight, which I did—50+lbs!

Along with that, everything in my life changed. I was able to regain my confidence and my energy to live life and be an active participant with my two energetic little boys. I learned to love myself, which allows me to love my people better.

I have found a lifestyle that works for me and I will never go back to my old mindset! Ever.

The team that I've become a part of is so supportive and empowering it is almost impossible to fail. Marla has been a huge "body cheerleader" for our group and is so passionate about helping others.

Her inner glow and fierce spirit are inspiring everyday."


I have a sense of confidence when I get dressed that I haven’t had for about 6 years

"Growing up, I never had to worry about my weight. I was the girl that could eat whatever I wanted and not gain a pound. In my college years, I needed to be more conscious of eating ‘whatever I wanted’. Paired with diet and exercise, I was okay. I was okay … until I was pregnant with my babies. With each one I had, my start weight was increased by 10 pounds—and I have 3 kids.

Needless to say, after my 3rd baby, I was more than ready to finally do something for me and something that would get this baby weight off once and for all.

Looking back, I realized I was the queen of hiding my weight. I wore flowy shirts that would hide my shape. Now, I still tend to select clothes that are flowy, I have a sense of confidence when I get dressed that I haven't had for about 6 years. I have developed a stronger sense of self and a confidence that helps me want to help others feel as good as I feel.

Marla, you are truly an inspiration. Your enthusiasm shines through your smile and you elude such a sense of love and support! xo."


Editor of

She is the real deal when it comes to self-love and a desire to change people’s lives

"After getting to know Marla, I see so much love and balance radiating from her life.

After just one conversation, I could tell that she is the real deal when it comes to self-love and a desire to change people's lives.

I look forward to watching her success and hearing of all the breakthroughs she helps her clients have!"


Marla’s eternally positive outlook on life is so motivating

"I've known Marla for many years, and I can say, without hesitation, that she is a truly genuine and lovely person.

I recently started working with her as my coach, and I could not have asked for a better health and fitness cheerleader.

Marla's confidence is contagious, and her desire to help others is inspirational. Marla's eternally positive outlook on life is so motivating, and that has helped me to get to the next level of my own personal health journey!"



I have become part of an amazing team that not only supports each other, but strangers have become friends

"I remember the first time I felt self-conscious about my size—I was in a swimming pool and an older girl said to me "You look fat in that bathing suit". It was my favorite bathing suit—hot pink and neon green with a zipper (it was the 80's). From that point on, I started to question my outfit choices. I wasn't a stick thin kid. I always had a belly and a booty. I shied away from all outings that involved pools.

My parents got a membership to the neighborhood pool and I refused to go because the monokini was all the rage. That suit just didn't work for my body type. That one encounter shaped my attitude about my body for the rest of my life.

High school was a nightmare. All the girls were wearing tight gap jeans and my saddle bags and booty just wouldn't work. I come from a family of emotional eaters. We live on comfort foods. Fast forward to my 20's.

I got braces at 22 so I lost a bit of weight due to not being able to eat solid foods. It felt great to fit into the cute clothes that everyone else was wearing. but it didn't last long because from 23 to 35 I was in a relationship, got comfortable, got married, had kids and just gave up on myself. It was all a blur.

Despite belonging to every gym in my area (even had a personal trainer) and quitting every diet program I started, I blew up to just under 200 lbs. I was embarrassed but pretended that I didn’t care. I had gotten used to being the fat, funny friend.

At age 35 I was introduced to my current nutrition program by a friend. I told her it wouldn't work. She insisted and because I thought why the hell not, I tried it. I can't even begin to imagine what my life would be like now had I not said yes! It was so easy to follow, I had my good and bad days, but I NEVER quit! I started to see results quickly and that was all the motivation I needed to continue.

Not only did proper nutrition change my outside appearance, it also changed my whole attitude toward food and eating.

Once I started to see results, I was hooked. It was the only program that worked for me. It truly jumpstarted my healthy lifestyle. I workout regularly now, I no longer eat every meal like a man on death row, and I am setting a great example for my family. It started out as a way to just lose a few lbs., but it became so much more. I have become a part of an amazing team that not only helps support each other, but strangers have become friends.

I met Marla during my journey. We are all here to lift one another up and help each other succeed. Wellness coaching has become my vehicle to secure my future as a stay at home mom and mom-preneur."


Marla truly inspires all of her clients to understand it is not about being skinny, but about loving yourself

"One of the things I love best about working with Marla is her positive and empowering attitude! She is so incredibly supportive and makes us all feel beautiful in our own skin. I absolutely love how Marla supports all of her clients, and understands the pressures we all face on a daily basis. She helps us embrace our flaws and helps us to understand "cheating" happens!

We are not perfect!

What matters is how we treat the next day and how we get back on track. Marla is a wonderful motivator and truly inspires all of her clients to understand it is not about being skinny, but about loving yourself and being healthy!

Thank you for always being so uplifting, Marla."


Mom of 3, Prosperity Coach, Owner of The Juice Pod

Marla has changed the lives of over 100 women (beyond just the scale) and I can say whole heartedly that list will only grow.

"I resigned from my job as a reading specialist to care for my second daughter. She was born with severe food allergies and that is when my journey with nutrition began. I have always been the type of person to find the “root of the cause” when it came to the human body. What makes our body feel alive and what makes it feel uneasy. I changed what I was putting in my body to lose some of the baby weight after my third child and never once looked back. Losing the baby weight was just a small benefit from joining Marla’s amazing program.

I not only lost unhealthy visceral fat but I also found my purpose in life.

I truly believe proper nutrition has not only changed my life but thousands of others that have crossed my path in the past 2 years. Health coaching made it possible for me to be the healthiest, most energetic mom of 3, changed my daughters gut and brain health, allowed me to pursue a dream job of helping others and being able to be with my children every single day.

I have been gifted with financial freedom, time freedom, and helping others achieve their best self and live their best life. The life I get to live is one that some only dream of. I am forever grateful and know that God had a plan for me when this opportunity presented itself.

I have met the most amazing, positive, and supporting friends I now call family. I have worked with Marla for the last 2 years—I am so proud of her accomplishments, leadership, and I treasure our friendship. She has changed the lives of over 100 women (beyond just the scale) and I can say whole heartedly that list will only grow. I know that God places people in your life for a reason.

Marla is my ‘little sister’ and I am blessed to know her."


Teacher + Wellness Warrior

Marla is an open book, willing to share her journey and success in every aspect of her life with everyone

"What I love most about working with Marla is how dedicated she is to lending her advice and how detailed she is when doing so with her clients. Marla goes out of her way to help others in anyway she can. I have just recently lost 55 pounds and I am new to sharing my health and wellness journey.

She has been outgoing and easy to talk to – I often times will seek her advice for many things and she is always ready to help me in anyway she can, if she does not have the answer to something for me, Marla goes out of her way and takes the time to find the answer for me.

I complimented Marla on her beautiful hair and she sent me a detailed out list of all of the products she uses, where to purchase them and how to use them so that I too can improve my hair and have it looking beautiful.

Marla is an open book – willing to share her journey and success in every aspect of her life with everyone."


Marla shows us how beautiful we all are ... inside

"I started with Marla's nutrition program after seeing her own personal transformation. After one month on it, I was more energized and slept better than I ever have.  I couldn't have gotten through it without Marla's coaching.

She was there EVERY step of the way and always encouraged me on those deep cleanse days.  She such positive force and a team player!

I have always called her my cheerleader."

She's dedicated not only to her products but to the team of women she has built.

Most importantly, she shows us how beautiful we all are ... inside.


Personal Trainer & Mother of twins + 1 :)

I woke up from a fog—I discovered what feeling great felt like

"For about 7 years now I have suffered from autoimmune related illnesses with heavy symptoms of Fibromyalgia and symptoms of Lymes Disease—all the while caring for three little ones. I went from specialist to specialist, to holistic functional medicine, to myofascial release.

My husband, James, and I lead a healthy lifestyle—he is a triathlete.  In June he asked me to try a new nutrition program with him as he prepared for a race. I wasn't sure it was for me with all my health issues. I just couldn't afford to relapse and I was feeling pretty good. Pretty good but never great.

Two weeks in, it was like I woke up from a fog. I discovered what feeling great felt like. Through tremendous tragedies this year I didn't take a day off. I stayed focus on what had to get done. It is SO TRUE that a strong body keeps your mind strong too. I have been symptom free since June, no autoimmune related malaise, joint pain, fatigue, migraines.

I attribute it all to a healthy lifestyle and nutritional cleansing. I thank Marla for guiding me along, especially my first 30 days.

She has a strong, and positive perspective on health and wellness—and she is a wonderful motivator!"


Self love teacher + Editor of

Her beautiful spirit empowers me to step into my own personal power

"Real women empower other women. That's what I believe as a female entrepreneur and fellow ladyboss! I've loved partnering with Marla on this journey. Her energetic vibe, sophisticated class and beautiful spirit empowers me to step into my own personal power.

I believe women can lift each other up and create a force greater than anything when our like-minds come together. There is enough for all of us to prosper and what Marla is creating is changing lives.

I am honored to be on this mission with her!"


Registered Nurse, Army Wife, Mom of 3

I am blessed to be part of a community full of strong, beautiful, healthy women, who continue to inspire girls of all shapes & sizes that it’s not about the scale

"After having my third daughter I tried EVERYTHING under the sun to lose the baby weight. I tried every weight loss plan, I drank all different kinds of shakes, I joined the gym and I hired a trainer. I had small success but it was short lived. A friend of mine lost her baby weight with a nutritional cleansing program lot faster and looked better then I had ever seen her, so of course I jumped on board. I instantly felt better, I lost a lot of weight and had so much energy.

I have been my current program for almost two years and still look and feel better then I did before I had kids! While losing weight and getting healthy I am setting a beautiful example to my 3 daughters about healthy eating and positive body image.

I am blessed to be a part of a community full of strong, beautiful, healthy women, like Marla, who continue to inspire women and girls of all shapes and sizes that it's not about the scale, it's about how we feel in this healthy lifestyle!"


Following her will make you motivated to not only live a healthier lifestyle…but also become a better person

"I found out about nutritional cleansing through a close friend. Every time I saw her, she looked incredible so I had to find out how she did it. She put me in touch with her amazing coach who helped her shed weight, work out more and ultimately live a healthier life.

Frankly, I didn’t have much weight to lose. I’ve always lived an active life, but I started a new job with long hours and I wasn’t getting to the gym as much as I used to.

I started implementing nutritional rebalancing into my day-to-day routine. Then after the holidays, I was motivated to complete the 30-day system so that I could completely cleanse my body.

Throughout the program, Marla constantly checked up on me to see how I was doing. Although I wish I could say I completed the full 30 days without any cheating, life does get in the way.

Marla taught me that although you should live a healthier life that doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself from everything that you love. Wellness is all about balance, which is what Marla teaches and lives out everyday.

Just following her on social media will make you motivated to not only live a healthier lifestyle … but also become a better person."


She is truly dedicated to making her clients healthier and happier

"Marla’s dedication and attention to her clients is truly inspirational.  She always makes the time to answer all of my questions and is truly dedicated to making her clients healthier and happier.

Whether it’s a shout out on Facebook or a healthy recipe, she keeps me motivated and focused to live a healthier lifestyle.  I have been using her customized nutritional cleansing program now for more than 6 months.

It has helped me maintain my weight and it gives me energy to push myself during workouts."


The qualities I missed most about myself, Marla allowed me to regain them … and then some

"M- motivation
A- ambition
R- relevance
L- loving myself
A- awesome

These were the qualities I missed most about myself, Marla allowed me to regain them and then some. Her constant motivation and little checkups throughout my week allowed me to better myself both mentally and in my lifestyle.

I have had such a privilege to know Marla for 10+ years now, her impact both as a coach and a friend has been unexplainable."


Law School Student + Mother

I am so grateful I found such amazing motivation and support along the way through Marla

"After having a baby about 5 months ago, I was eager to get my body back to as close as pre-pregnancy as possible. I wanted to feel good and confident in my clothes again. I knew that getting my confidence back would not only help myself but my daughter as well.

When I reached out to Marla, I found such support and encouragement that I could do it.

Since then, I've been dedicated to taking care of myself and my body. I've gone back to working out and running whenever possible and watching what I eat. Everything in moderation for sure! I can now say I am only a few pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight and while it's been a slow process, it's been well worth it!

I'm looking forward to seeing what the next few months bring and am so grateful that I've found such amazing motivation and support along the way though Marla’s coaching."


I even went wedding dress shopping last weekend and felt amazing

"I met Marla during my junior year at University of Delaware.  She immediately became one of my best friends.  After she graduated college, we lived together for 2 years in Hoboken.

Marla has always been my biggest cheerleader when it came to feeling better about myself.  Whether it had to do with my hair, skin, weight or what outfit I should wear out, she has always been unbelievably supportive. 
My weight loss journey began after I graduated college.  I had never had any issues with my weight but slowly my metabolism started to slow down.  Marla started on a new nutrition program and asked if some of my friends and I would like to try it out.

I didn’t grab on to it right away but with how busy I was at work, I figured giving it a shot would be easier than pretending I was going to make it to the gym after working a 12-hour day.  Little did I know what this program would do for me.  I started the program in the beginning of May and not only have I lost weight but I feel great and have so much energy.

Marla and I joked the other day that I was one of her friends that was addicted to coffee and I was able to break the habit and feel better than ever.  I even went wedding dress shopping last weekend and felt amazing.  Without Marla’s constant motivation and inspiration I would not feel as confident as I do today. 
Thank you Marla for being such a good friend and always motivating me to be the best me than I can be."


Avid Athlete + Teacher

Marla has given me the gift of a wonderful new lifestyle

"Since I was 5 years old, I have been an avid athlete.  I played 3 varsity sports in high school, and since high school I have run a marathon, several half marathons and continued to be involved in fitness through coaching high school sports and participating in many different gym classes.

Marla has helped inspire me to not only think about fitness, but also to think about nutrition.  She has given me the gift of a wonderful new lifestyle that includes making healthy choices and is full of energy."

Her example has helped guide me to live a healthier lifestyle!


Wellness Entrepreneur + Military Bride-to-be

Obsessed with what Marla is doing with body cheerleaders

"Literally obsessed with what Marla is doing with body cheerleaders!

Love this lady and her huge heart for others!!! : ) "


Life & Health Coach at

Marla is truly a ray of light that will ignite your spirit and make you feel understood and loved

"Marla is truly a ray of light that will ignite your spirit and make you feel understood and loved from the moment that you meet her. Her body cheerleaders movement proves that women lifting up and supporting other women is revolutionizing the way that we relate to ourselves and to one another.

Starting on a new nutrition program a year and a half ago changed my entire life. 7 days was all it took to completely light up inside in a way that I never knew was possible for me. I had no idea that our bodies were meant to feel so brilliant! I reached my weight loss goals in 30 days and have maintained my results all of this time.

That accomplishment and the amazing community of support of which Marla is a part empowered me in ways that allowed me to finally believe in myself enough to pursue my dreams. All of that is available to you too, and Marla is the perfect person to guide you on the journey to health, wealth, and abundant self-love.


Mother, Athlete, & Wellness Coach

I was always thinking in the back of my head that I wasn’t skinny enough, I wasn’t pretty enough, I wasn’t sexy enough

"I could start this off with saying that I struggled all my life with weight issues, and you would naturally assume it was due to being overweight. But that’s not the case! See … I was the 'skinny' one in school … so skinny that the other kids would call me Olive Oil – you know, from Popeye the Sailor Man!

Mind you, I was perfectly healthy just had really thin legs (still do)! I guess you can say that was what lead me to fitness. By the time I reached my teens I was a gym–a-holic! I was going 3 times a week, doing 3 hours straight each day! I did everything from dance to combat to indoor cycling – and I LOVED it! I felt my best when I was at the gym, but the body image issues were still there, but this time even worse, because I was doing it to myself!

Fast forward a few years into my adult hood and although I always put up a strong confident front, I was always thinking in the back of my head that I wasn’t skinny enough, I wasn’t pretty enough, I wasn’t sexy enough … you get the picture. Yet looking back now ... I had absolutely zero reason to think that because I was at my best weight, I was healthy, fit and living a great life!

Motherhood brought a whole other load of body image issues and feelings that I hadn’t felt in a long time. I was at my heaviest, didn’t really care at all about myself and it was affecting everything and everyone! I met Marla during this period. And she was so inspiring. A beautiful, strong, goal oriented, boss babe who was enjoying life and radiating love and kindness! What’s not to like?!

We lost contact as our journeys lead us to other directions, but as fate would want it, our paths crossed again just a year ago – both of us inspiring others to live better lives and trying to make a difference by inspiring women to be themselves and love who they are. It has been such a privilege knowing her and having her in my corner! Being a wellness coach has changed my life and being a part of this movement has helped me be better in everything I do!