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holiday fashion

GAH!  For those of you who celebrate, Christmas is in just 14 days … which means the desperate search is on for the perfect holiday party attire. And, let’s be honest, this perfect outfit needs to work with the massive amount of Santa’s cookies we all plan on chowing down on ;). That being said, let’s keep things really basic this holiday season and focus on 3 staples you need to SLEIGH any winter look: 1.)  A bright red lip 2.)  Black

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red hat celine bag

Hi vixens, ‘Tis the season to wear as much wine as you’re drinking ;).  Adding this color to your wardrobe is a must, and FAST. Also, if you’re on the shorter end of the gene pool (like me over here at 5’2) bell bottoms are all the rage!  They make you look taller, are super chic and the high-waisted ones are perfect if you’re going out to eat and still want to feel sexy. Adding in as much wine to

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13 November 2016
fringe jacket fall fashion

Hey gorgeous souls! It’s pretty wild how Fall is passing us by and winter will be here in no time (WAH)! I can’t say I’m a fan of freezing temperatures (Jersey girl) but I absolutely adore Fall fashion, like I’m sure most of you all.  Pretty much, it’s chic, comfortable (crucial), and flattering AF on every vixen 😉 … unlike some stubborn summer styles that make us feel like we have to reveal too much. Fringe is especially fun and adds

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