With 2016 coming to a close, we are being BOMBARDED with “New Year, New You” posts virtually all over social media.  I wanted to open my heart to each of you ladies and let you know, you don’t need to create a new you in 2017.

The you that you’ve always been is more than enough.

Looking back on this last year, it was filled with ups and downs on my end (can you relate?).  I wasted far too much time in 2016 trying to create a “new me“, whether that was through dieting, business achievements, clothing purchases, Botox trials ;), and the list goes on, and on, and on.

And to be 100% honest, getting sucked down a social media rabbit hole of approval-seeking didn’t bring me the happiness I assumed it would in 2016.  This fruitless effort to create a “new me” was a down right waste of time.  It surely wasn’t worth all the anxiety it caused!

New Year’s Eve is an interesting holiday, some of us can’t wait to celebrate coming off a fabulous year and others want to forget the last 365 days even happened.  Most of us are somewhere in the middle.

But, something about ringing in the New Year gives us the message that we need to START OVER.  That we need to make all these drastic “resolutions” to dredge up a new sense of self.  Hence the reason the gym gets extra packed on 1/1.

Speaking from someone who has been there, self-acceptance is vastly more important than self-overhaul.  You are who you are, and the sooner you can get in touch with the person inside, you’ll really see your life, and the way you experience it, start to change.

Does that mean once you accept yourself that you’ll never have a bad day again?  Absolutely not!  Life is all about struggle, dark and light, happy and sad.  And it’s okay to FEEL things … rather than running from them to create a “new you“.

That’s also not to say self-improvement is pointless, but there’s surely no need to rip yourself apart and make a list of 20 resolutions to meet by mid-year.

So my advice to you this New Year is to toss the bullshit “New Year, New You” notion.  It’s mildly insulting if you ask me.

For 2017, make small changes towards self-acceptance instead.

Here are my top 5 self-care fav.’s:



This was the GREATEST thing I did for myself in the last 3 months!  This does not mean you need to delete Instagram or Facebook (because, I mean, that would be just cruel) but it does allow you to be present in your life without compulsively checking your phone non-stop.  I noticed a huge difference when I turned notifications off, now I can hop on and off when I please.

Reality is, I haven’t missed anything by giving up notifications.  I actually feel like I gained my presence of mind back!  🙂

Oh, and my “overwhelmed” state has gradually decreased with it!



Although I admittedly haven’t been so consistent with this, journaling is a huge help to get your thoughts out of your head and onto paper!  You can write some affirmations down or just reflect.  It’s so relieving once it’s all “out there”.

You can grab the prettiest journal here:

And the perfect pink agenda to keep you organized.



This has been one of the toughest concepts for me to grasp.  I was always someone who went through exercise “phases” with the sole goal of looking good.  In the last few months, I’ve shifted to exercising for my mind.

It truly is the #1 stress reliever on the planet.  I recently read that if exercise could be compounded into a pill it would be a block-buster drug for anxiety, depression, and so many other ailments.  Even when you don’t want to, there is NO DOUBT you will feel a million times better after you get a sweat in.

And change things up.  Try group work outs, try yoga, try running … keep going until you find what works best for you.



Yes, I know we all fundamentally know this, but sometimes it seems so real … which leads us to start the comparison game.  Which is a game that can’t be won.  EVER.

As a blogger, I curate my Instagram feed with pretty, carefully shot and edited images.  Yes, this takes a ton of time, professional photography classes, and a ton of planning ahead.  It’s all part of the business.

But, I also know that real life is not curated and never will be.  We can easily look at Instagram and compare our current life situation to those of others.  Remember, the grass isn’t always greener (cliches are cliches for a reason, right?).

Social media let’s us see the glory (99% of the time)  … but we don’t always know the story.  Remember that.



If you’re anything like me, you like to be SUPER BUSY 24/7 365.  Well, I can tell you that this caught up with me a couple months back.  This manic, always booked life-style led to burn out, exhaustion, anxiety, panic attacks, and just downright insane amounts of stress.

Since then, I’ve learned to say no to plans when need be and am finding that it’s okay to not have a fully booked calendar for an entire year in advance.  And so far, I’m good with that.

I now enjoy binge watching Gilmore Girls, drink maybe 2-3 cocktails A WEEK (huge change), getting up early Saturday mornings for group work outs classes (burpees are the f*cking devil), getting sleep, doing at-home spa days (grab the best facial + aloe socks) and trying to laugh a little more each and every day ;).


That being said, make 2017 more about your own self-care … because it’s not selfish.

It may be a New Year … but you’re still YOU.

… and I like you that way!

PS:  Be extra sweet & share around socially with anyone you think needs to hear this message + I can’t wait to hear from you in the comments below.  xo.

PPS:  If you are in dire need of a gold NYE dress, grab this one (under $50) here.

new years outfit
new years outfit
confetti new years eve

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Love your biggest cheerleader,

Hey, Beautiful (Yes, … YOU)

If this post added a little pep to your step then stay in the know! YAS it’s free ;)

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  • Sarah

    Marla – I love this message so much! Keep sharing your positivity. Love you ?

    • marla

      You are the sweetest best friend ever and I love you tons!!!! ?

  • Steph

    This is an amazing post! Really good message although I don’t think I’m quite there yet turning insta notifications off lol! X

    • marla

      Thank you so much for reading, Steph! I am so happy you enjoyed the post! And I promise turning off notifications was a life-saver for me … you’ll see your Insta addiction fade away ;)! Happy New Year, love!

  • Mandy

    Amen! A HUGE ongoing lesson for me is that goals and self-love CAN coexist. Our circumstances do not define us. Love you girl!

    • marla

      Totally, Mandy! You have always been a testament to that with your life-coaching :)! Love ya more lady!