fringe jacket fall fashion

Hey gorgeous souls!

It’s pretty wild how Fall is passing us by and winter will be here in no time (WAH)!

I can’t say I’m a fan of freezing temperatures (Jersey girl) but I absolutely adore Fall fashion, like I’m sure most of you all.  Pretty much, it’s chic, comfortable (crucial), and flattering AF on every vixen 😉 … unlike some stubborn summer styles that make us feel like we have to reveal too much.

Fringe is especially fun and adds some “movement” to your look {insert salsa girl emoji}.  Legit makes you want to twirl around, so I highly suggest having some fringe stashed away in your wardrobe.

Another Fall fav. is obvi BOOTS!  Yes, get them, get a lot of them, get them in every color you can.  You won’t regret it!

They are perfect for Fall dresses, over leggings, under jeans … you name it.

Lately, I’m loving knee socks under boots.  They keep you warm + are just down right friggen adorable.

Top your look of with a wine colored nail polish + a warm headband … oh, and your favorite bag!

Stay beautiful, babes & comment below if you’ll be living in the fringe with me.

Big hugs!

fall fashion fringe jacket
fall fashion fringe jacket

fringe jacket leaves fall

fringe jacket fall fashion
fall fashion

fringe jacket fall fashion

fall jacket
fringe jacket

fall fashion fringe jacket

Love your biggest cheerleader,

Hey, Beautiful (Yes, … YOU)

If this post added a little pep to your step then stay in the know! YAS it’s free ;)

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