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Hey beauties,

I hope this post finds you ready to unwind after a long week.  I personally can’t wait for a bubble bath, at-home-spa-sesh, + 1 spicy margarita!

That being said, this post is for you if you’ve ever struggled with skin woes.  For as long as I can remember, I have had psoriasis (the worst of which is right around my scalp).  As some of you may unfortunately know, psoriasis is the WORST.  It leaves the skin super red, dry, patchy, flakey … need I go on?

Many of us face various skin issues, most of which flare up when we’re under extreme stress (which pretty much seems like always) or is that time of month (everyone’s fav. 4/28 days).  These issues can range from acne, to eczema, to cystic pimples, to dried out skin, to oily greasy grossness.

If you’re anything like me, you’re always experimenting with tons of different products to help your various skin troubles.

I wanted to share 3 things that have recently helped a ton with psoriasis, breakouts, and overall skin meltdowns!


1.)  la Kaf Organic Kona Coffee Face + Body Scrub (c/o)

I’m sure many of you have seen coffee scrubs before, maybe you’ve even made your own at home.  One thing I’m all about when it comes to skin care is exfoliation!  Without proper exfoliation, dead skin will build up causing acne & nasty ass black heads.  And by proper I mean with a scrub that is organic and not made of harsh chemicals that will only make your poor skin more red/splotchy.

Your skin is your body’s largest organ and absorbs EVERYTHING you put on it.  So, let’s not just put any old crap on it.  Stay away from skin products with toxic chemicals, preservatives, and fragrances.  If you can’t pronounce the ingredients … DON’T BUY IT.

That being said, I came across la Kaf’s coffee scrubs when I was looking for something that was 100% organic, locally sourced, phthalate free + vegan.

Their scrubs fit the bill perfectly and come in 4 scents:  Original Kona Coffee, Cacao Coconut (divine <3), Lemongrass Grapefruit, and Eucalyptus.

You can grab yours here.  Use the code: chicky (not case sensitive) for 10% off + FREE SHIPPING.

I recommend using the scrub in the bath/shower, in a circular motion, and it will legit leave your skin feeling fresh and glowing.  Not to mention ITCH-free and baby soft.

I also love to use it on my cellulite ;).  HIGHLY recommend.

la kaf


If you’ve been seeing videos for the black peel-off face mask pretty much EVERYWHERE, you’re not alone!  I’m a sucker and just had to find out if it was worth all the hype.

My 100% honest opinion is it does work super well for black heads, but it’s def. painful when you pull it off.  I recommend pulling faster like ripping off a band-aid :).

Also, I don’t recommend using it the day before a big event/date because it does bring all the “skin junk” to the surface so I noticed my acne flared up a bit then 2 days later it was clear + blackhead/dead skin free.

Shills has been my choice of mask so far, and it’s fairly cheap!  Go snag yours here.



Ah, good ‘ol coconut oil … the benefit list can go on forever.

I personally love to use it on my skin after a bath or leave it in a wet bun soaking in my hair.

Just make sure you get the organic kind + go to town with it.  It’s especially helpful in the winter months when you feel like your skin is dry as a bone.

You won’t regret having it around!



Well darlings, I hope this post was helpful in adding some new tricks to your skin routine to prevent any nasty flare up’s.

Be a doll & share this post w/ your best babe.  And comment below with your skin secrets!


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coffee scrub



Love your biggest cheerleader,

Hey, Beautiful (Yes, … YOU)

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