So nice of you to stop by, gorgeous.

It’s a pleasure to meet you, I’m Marla Chicky. Yes, Marla with an “L”, not to be forever mistaken for Maria.

Chicky? That’s interesting too.

Let’s be honest, my last name Cicchino is just far too difficult, and Italian, to run with (sorry, Dad). Plus, Chicky is just way more … chic.

I’m an ever so slightly sassy 27-year-old New Jersey native living in Hoboken, a tiny mile square town just outside of good ’ol New York City. Legend has it Hoboken is on the “better” side of the water, but I’ll leave that one to interpretation.

I grew up in a small town with two school teacher parents—who are my world and more, and my younger side kick brother/bestie, who I still try to boss around (must be the Leo in me). I graduated from the University of Delaware with a degree in Marketing and have spent a majority of my adult days chasing down perfection (in ALL facets of life).

If you’re anything like me, self-love has generally felt asinine—no matter how many times my Mother hurled “pretty” and “proud” compliments at me. I’m her spawn, she HAS to say that stuff.


This past year, I discovered my true “passion” (ohhhh, ahhhh) so to speak and became a Wellness Coach for an international nutrition company. That’s just the glamorous way of saying I help babes along the road to finding their most gorgeous selves—stretch marks included.

Through coaching, I came to discover that I surely wasn’t the only one melting down when my love handles start to bulge over my prized skinny jeans.

Where has the ‘love’ in love handles gone?

I once read a statistic that two-thirds of women struggle with disordered eating. That sounded like a resounding majority. To me, this was deeply saddening to read, but oddly, equally comforting.

What I have come to realize though my own struggle with body image is that dropping 10 pounds, getting hair extensions, or having a NY Fashion week wardrobe does not (and will not ever) equal Victoria’s Secret Angel body confidence.

Or Jake Gyllenhaal look-a-like’s lining up outside your door with roses, begging for a smooch.

Or you landing that prized job at the office (you badass, you).

Or the key to your eternal happiness.

Unlike what most of us ladies tend to think, our dress size is not a measuring stick for our self-worth.

So, Chicky, what the hell is then?

As the self-proclaimed Body Cheerleader (see Mission), and someone who has endlessly battled the scale—going from ZERO physical activity to training for a ½ marathon (AH!) and owns every single hair product under the sun, I’m right there with you, beauties—looking for the answer.

Although the solution to our incessant self-judgment may not be black and white, I do know the pressure we place on ourselves to look “like that” is a useless burden to bare.

Remember, we cannot hate ourselves into a version of ourselves that we can love.

I’ve learned this tough lesson over years of:

Harsh personal judgment – If only I was 5’3, not 5’2 … (one extra inch, God!)

Outwardly seeking validation – I mean WHY the hell didn’t he text me back yet?!?

Chronic dieting – Forever ice-cream dreamin’, with rainbow sprinkles

Fear of going out in public without make-up on – … scary friggen shit

Even BIGGER fear of wearing the same outfit in a picture twice – DO NOT POST THAT, DAMMIT!

Cancelling plans on self-proclaimed “ugly” nights – Nah, I’m good, Netflix made plans with me WEEKS ago

Can you relate?

Well then take solace in understanding the body you have staring back at you in the mirror right now is the ONLY one you will ever have, and it’s pretty bangin’ if you ask me.

So as your pom-pom enthusiast of channeling your inner vixen, I hope this site offers you a place to feel beautiful—since I surely know what it’s like to believe otherwise.

It is my true hope that here you find all the things in this world that help you live a balanced life—beauty, wellness, fashion, nutrition {skinny margs + late night pizza are included}, & that you can come to love the skin you’re in along the way.

And mostly, that you come to know I am always rooting for you—on your darkest days, as well as your brightest.

If you can relate to what you’re reading (& I know your sweet face can) then join the squad. Monthly wellness give-aways included :).

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