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So I’ve admittedly been getting back into a “health kick” these last few weeks since starting Local Barre classes 3x/week (detailed review on it to come in 60 days, but needless to say … I’m obsessed!).  I also am starting 1-1 personal training this week which incorporates more cardio, weights, kick-boxing & yoga.

Yeah, a little more ass-kicking + boob-sweat ;).

Bring on the ballerina bod, please.  Anyone else here love getting wasted at the Barre?

If you live in Hoboken specifically (or close enough to commute), Susan Tee over at Susan Tee Fitness is one of the best trainers I’ve worked with so far.  Her rates are SO reasonable and she gives you an incredible work-out.

I mean, legit 45 minutes of non-stop intensity … while she’s enthusiastically cheering you on the whole time.  It’s $100 for 10 classes (which for Hoboken is AMAZING) + every class is super small, 6-8 people max.

This really makes it feel like personal training and not some corporate conglomerate sweat factory.

And if you want that 1-1 touch, Susan offers a package to new clients for 10 sessions at $550.  Still a great deal.  Stop by her website for all the deets.  No, this is not an ad for Susan, I just have tried a ton of different fitness classes & wanted to share with you all the Hoboken latest and greatest.

I’m not sure about you, but over the Fall/Winter I was under so much stress (hello, anxiety) that I really let my fitness and nutrition slack.  If you’ve followed me on social media over the last few years, you know I’ve been on a wellness crusade.

And if you haven’t, now ya know!

I’m constantly searching for ways kick-up my healthy eating routine, try new skin-care products, experiment with essential oils, and so on.

That being said, the Winter brought a lot of yo-yo dieting for me and a super inconsistent work out schedule.  If that sounds familiar, I totally get your pain.  I know I was feeling super frustrated with myself since I had made huge strides over the last year from cooking for myself all the time to running a 1/2 marathon.

Reality is, we can’t look back at where we “used” to be, only forward to where we are going.  A big part of that for me is breaking the diet/binge cycle, which is the ultimate WORST if you’ve gone though it.

In a nut shell, it’s going from the extreme of a 100% clean diet to a 100% shit diet.  As someone who identifies as an extremist, I know first hand how hard this habit can be to break.

If you’re the type who tends to feel bat-shit-crazy around food, I recommend checking out Isabel Foxen Duke’s blog.  She is a health coach who writes some of my favorite work on how to not let food run your life + how to get off the diet rollercoaster … for good.

Any who, let’s get into what this post is all about, healthy salads!  Now that Spring is here, there are so many delicious salad recipes to dive into that are yummy + filling.

A big salad with some kind of protein base is now my go-to lunch every day,  so I wanted to hunt down some awesome recipes I could share with y’all.

Here are 5 savory healthy salads you can quickly/easily whip up, just click the link to each and grab the details on how to make them.

Hope you all love them as much as I do.  If you have any other goodies, please share them with me in the comments below + happy salad eating!  xo.

PS:  If you’re looking for some more encouragement around breaking the diet/binge cycle, I wrote a blog post Mirrors Show Us What We Look Like, Not Who We Are that you should totally check out.  It has all the best books that will help you on your way to loving the skin you’re in ;).



This recipe is over on Kim D’eon’s blog (she’s a FAB. holistic nutritionist) and is super quick to whip up.  I adore using Kale leaves as a salad base and this one has a crunchy bite to it.

Also, Quinoa is gluten-free, super high in protein, and one of the few plant foods that contain all nine essential amino acids.  See the Top 11 Health Benefits of Quinoa.

Grab all the instructions for how to make this super yummy Kale Bowl here.




GAH!  This salad from Cooking Classy makes me drool.  Peaches are so Spring/Summer juicy and add the perfect flavor to this dish.

This one is a must try!  Grab it here.




This delicious number from Cathy at Lemon Tree Dwelling blog screams Spring!

The blueberries, almonds, + lemon poppyseed dressing are a heavenly combo.  Stop by here for how to make it!





Lisa over at Garlic + Zest whipped up this perfect warm weather dish.  Edamame is calcium packed and her lemon-mint dressing is to die for!




Sumptuous Living blog shared this super popular Spring salad … duh, anything with strawberries and goat cheese will make you smile.

Stop by for the deets here.




Love your biggest cheerleader,

Hey, Beautiful (Yes, … YOU)

If this post added a little pep to your step then stay in the know! YAS it’s free ;)

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  • Lorraine Cicchino

    I love these salads and they will definitely fill you up.

    • marla

      So happy you love them, Mom! Love you lots! <3

  • Laura Mitbrodt

    These look so good, I have been looking for kale salad recipes

    • marla

      Thanks so much for coming by, Laura! xo <3

  • Riva Treasure

    Bookmarking this immediately! I start a diet next week and have been so not looking forward to it. These ALL look delicious!

    • marla

      So happy you liked it! <3

  • Jennifer Laxmi

    OMG! All these salads look super delicious. Totes need to try for the summer – need to get out of my winter body haha <33



    • marla

      Thanks love, so happy you came by!

  • Mackenzie Lee

    These all sounds delish!!! Can’t wait to try them!

  • Monika

    Those all look so yummy! I am not a huge salad person, but every now and then I come across a salad I absolutely love. I especially like the first one (kale and sweet potato). I might give it a try!

    • marla

      Thanks for coming by, Monika! You will love the Kale bowl! <3

  • Andi

    Gosh girl, every single one of these looks amazing! Going to try the peach first, summer time feels for sure!


    • marla

      So glad, Andi! xo

  • Marg

    I’m always down for new and healthy salads!! In fact, the kind you make are exactly what my husband and I try to make all the time! Perfection! If you make it right, that’s all you need for a meal sometimes!


    • marla

      Thanks for coming by! xo

  • Stacie LaMothe

    I just started a new diet so definitely adding these recipes to my weekly meal plan this week! Thanks for sharing!

    • marla

      So grateful you came by!!!